The name Ambrosia has very ancient origins and, in Greek civilization, it was used to indicate the food of the gods, a precious food that made anyone who tasted it immortal.

Ambrosiae - Latin plural of Ambrosiae - has its roots in this word and in a very simple idea: the impact of nutrition on our health is much more important and significant than we think.

Our physical and mental well-being is closely linked to our lifestyle and eating habits, to the nutritional quality of the food we eat. By acting and changing our diet, therefore, we feel better, stronger and live longer.

Ambrosiae was born from my passion for food and healthy living. I strongly believe in everything we do: we choose every single ingredient and study every recipe as if they were for our family and our children.

For me, food is sacred so we treat all ingredients with extreme respect and we do not alter them by cooking them or adding other substances such as preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or sugars: all our products are made only and exclusively from organic raw materials, carefully selected and used with a lot of love and passion.