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4 products

Organic Gluten Free Protein Bars

Is it impossible to consume a light and tasty snack, break the sense of hunger and recharge your batteries? No more with Ambrosiae and its organic protein bars!

Our products are formulated to provide the body with the right combination of all the nutrients it needs, for a balanced snack and a source of protein, vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, fiber and iron. All the ingredients are processed below 42 ° to preserve all the properties to the maximum.

Ambrosiae protein bars ideal for recovery after a workout

Our protein bars are designed for those who have little time and need to recharge with energy, for example after training in the gym or a long and stressful day at work. Present in different variants such as acai, lemon and hemp, cocoa and goji berries, cocoa and hemp, chocolate and spiruluna, apple and cinnamon, activated almonds and many other flavors, they are the ideal combination of a lot of taste and crunchiness, something simple, but rich in nature's nutrients.

You can find them in mono portions or multipacks of four packs each! A healthy snack to eat when you feel like it during the day or for an on-the-go breakfast!


Why eat Ambrosiae protein bars?

Ambrosiae protein bars are a light but very protein snack, in fact, they are rich in vegetable proteins and vitamins, ideal for those looking for nourishment and taste.

What does "raw" mean?

"Raw" means raw, raw foods keep intact all the nutritional properties of the food, such as vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes necessary for our body, which if cooked would lose their virtue.

Do you also ship abroad?

Yes, we ship all over EUROPE

Can I buy Ambrosiae products at the supermarket?

No, you can find our products online on our website There are also many ideas and tips for making a healthy and balanced breakfast and for preparing many tasty recipes.