Protein Über Granola Magic Christmas
Protein Über Granola Magic Christmas
Protein Über Granola Magic Christmas
Protein Über Granola Magic Christmas
Protein Über Granola Magic Christmas
Protein Über Granola Magic Christmas

Protein Über Granola Magic Christmas

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Protein Über Granola Magic Christmas Gluten Free

A limited edition PROTEIN GRANOLA with delicious dark chocolate, lots of hazelnuts, raisins and a scent of cinnamon that immediately makes us feel the warm Christmas atmosphere.

Protein Über-granola Christmas Magic is also raw, so not cooked but gently dried at a low temperature. Thanks to this process, the nutritional properties of the ingredients remain intact for a nourishment boost.

This crunchy muesli is made from gluten-free whole oat flakes and sprouted buckwheat, during sprouting the seed begins its growth path to become a plant. We, in Ambrosiae, germinate the seeds and cereals, then let them dry at a low temperature to block the process and keep inside ALL THE NUTRITIONAL SUBSTANCES developed in this particular moment.

This delicious granola is ideal for breakfast, it makes you enter the Christmas atmosphere with the right energy. You can enjoy it in your favorite milk, yogurt with fresh fruit and dried fruit cream topping, thus preparing a delicious Christmas breakfast bowl. Or simply at any time you want to pamper yourself in a tasty and healthy break.

Protein Über Granola Magic Christmas benefits

  • With Sprouted Seeds
  • Source of protein
  • High in Iron
  • High in Magnesium
  • Source of Potassium


gluten-free wholemeal oat* flakes,

italian fresh apples*,

sprouted buckwheat*,

dark chocolate chips * (cocoa mass *, coconut sugar *, cocoa butter *) (cocoa 67% min.),

Italian almonds*,

pea* protein crisp 7%,

high oleic sunflower* oil,

toasted Italian hazelnuts*,



Italian almond* protein 3%,

pumpkin* seeds,

cinnamon powder,

Italian integral salt.


The product may contain Brazil nuts, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts, soy, sesame and occasionally shell fragments.

Über-granola Magic Christmas Nutritional values ​​

% VNR (*) = Valori Nutritivi di Riferimento

VALORI NUTRIZIONALIper 100gper porzione (45g)
Energia kj1747786
Energia kcal417188
Grassi g18,88,5
- di cui acidi grassi saturi g4,92,2
Carboidrati g3917,6
- di cui zuccheri g7,13,2
Fibra g7,73,5
Proteine g19,28,6
Sale g0,10,05
Magnesio mg131 / 35%*59 / 16%*
Ferro mg3,1 / 22%*1,4 / 10%*
Potassio mg320 / 16%*144 / 7%*

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